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Registered Nurse Seeking Contract or Permanent Roles? Discover the opportunities we offer below.

Elevate your nursing journey, serve near your home, venture to dream destinations, or secure a lasting career.

Whether you’re looking to serve communities close to home, journey to dream destinations, or secure a steadfast career foundation, we’re here to guide and support every step of your nursing adventure. Choose your path; we’ll pave the way.

How to Get Started?

Embark on your next professional journey with ease. By applying now, you’re not just searching for a job – you’re stepping towards opportunities that redefine career growth. Don’t wait; your ideal position might be just a click away. Dive in and discover what awaits!

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Apply Online

Let us tailor job opportunities just for you with our Quick Apply option. Prefer a more hands-on approach? Browse our job board directly and kickstart your search for the ideal position. The choice is yours!

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Your recruiter will contact you to learn more about you and match your experience and criteria with available job opportunities. You will also complete an online skills checklist.

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From Match to Launch

Once you’ve found your dream job, our experts will help you get everything ready for your next role.

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Start Your Dream Job

Take your healthcare skills on the road, and enjoy your new adventure! Just remember, we’re here for you 24/7/365!

In-Demand Job Locations for Nursing

Nursing Areas of Expertise

Dive into a diverse range of nursing fields we cater to. From critical care to pediatric nursing, our connections span a wide spectrum of specialties, ensuring you find a position that aligns with your unique skills and passions. Join us and find your niche in the vast world of nursing.

Critical Care Nursing

Cardiac Nursing

Oncology Nursing

Neonatal Nursing

Orthopedic Nursing

Pediatric Nursing

Mental Health Nursing (Psychiatric Nursing)

Surgical Nursing

Geriatric Nursing

Emergency Room (ER) Nursing

Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing

Nurse Practitioners

Benefits of Working with Medical Staffing Solutions, USA?

Market-Leading Pay Rates

Commercial & Government

Local & Travel Opportunities

Salary Negotiation Assistance

Why Choose Medical Staffing Solutions, USA?

Our success is our priority. That’s why we make the traveler experience easy, so you can spend more time living your life and caring for your patients. Here are just a few more reasons to travel with us.

Market-Leading Pay Rates:

At Medical Staffing Solutions, USA, we prioritize your worth. Experience unparalleled compensation with our market-leading pay rates. Because excellence deserves recognition.

Local, Travel, and Permanent Positions

Flexibility meets opportunity. Whether you’re in search of local assignments, want to explore new horizons with travel positions, or desire the stability of a permanent role, Medical Staffing Solutions, USA connects you to the right fit.

Commercial & Government Opportunities:

Step into a diverse world of opportunities with Medical Staffing Solutions, USA. From bustling commercial hubs to vital government roles, discover a breadth of positions tailored to your unique aspirations.

Ready to hit the road for your next assignment?